Trying to mount a shared folder in vbox 3.2.12, using the example from the vbox help manual (which works corrected in another VM), I get the error message that the mount type is wrong.

After a search of the forum for similar problems I found one that suggested doing "lsmod|grep vbox" to see whether the module had loaded properly. My result was
vboxnetadp 6326 0
vboxnetflt 15344 0
vboxdrv 190370 2 vboxnetadp,vboxnetflt
Obviously the module isn't there, nor does a search for it show it anywhere in the VM. I saw no errors when installing the Guest Additions, nor when I created the shared folder in the VM. However the VM is 64-bit while the shared folder is 32-bit. Does this have any effect on creation of the needed module?

And should I try re-installing Guest Additions to see if that fixes things? This is a production system, and I don't want to take chances of causing problems on the host although the 64-bit VM is expendable...