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Thread: Multiseat and Pulseaudio Fail

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    Multiseat and Pulseaudio Fail

    **********************************UPDATE********** ***********************
    * I have it mostly working. I'll share the details when i have it all figured out. *
    ************************************************** *************************

    I have a multi-seat setup working quite well. Hot plugging input devices works as expected and such. The only issue I am still not able to resolve is getting the audio for each seat.

    Here is a summary of my attempts at getting audio to work:

    1) Make ~/.pulse/ dynamically configured based on which $DISPLAY the user logs in at.
    - See this pastebin for the details.

    2) Load pulseaudio as a system-wide instance.
    - Couldn't get this to work. None of the audio hardware was accessible to the users.

    3) Use udev rules to mark seats in ConsoleKit. Following udev guidelines found here.
    - I didn't think this would work, although it was "guaranteed" to work by someone in irc.freenode #pulseaudio

    None of those attempts yielded success, which is why I now turn to the community for help. It is quite possible that the suggested methods work and I just messed some aspect of it up, idk. This is the last piece of the puzzle which is needed before I can go and update the MultiseatX page to include instructions for Ubuntu 12.04.

    My understandings on the situation:
    Access to pulseaudio is restricted to the active session as marked by ConsoleKit (something about an ACL). CK can only mark one session as active at a time. This simple little fact of life leads me to believe that the solution should involve pulseaudio being run as a system-wide instance. Each user should connect to the pulse server and be limited to a subset of all the hardware. Maybe each user connects to the pulse server via localhost, idk. I do know that regardless of my attempts and their failed results, I was always able to use sudo aplay -D plughw:0,0 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav to play something to any of the hardware.

    I'm grasping at straws and am now down to the last few hairs i can pull out of my head. Please, help me figure this out so we can share the wealth. Any additional information needed will be provided at your request.

    ~ |Anthony|
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