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Thread: random and persistant hard kernel lock, 10.10 (old and newer kernel) and 12.04 (live

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    Exclamation random and persistant hard kernel lock, 10.10 (old and newer kernel) and 12.04 (live

    Seriously dissapointed, I dont know where to begin troubleshooting here. Getting hard lockups at random times, doing anything from web browsing to copying files to a thumb drive, just listening to music, I was even installing 12.04 Ubuntu Studio and it locked up on me during the install. (I am having an issue with anything 12.04 now, when I'm done installing and on first boot Im greeted with the "Your running on low graphics mode" wether I boot and install the live CD with "nomodeset" or not)

    32 or 64 bit makes no difference. My old standby OS is super Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit. I dont remember having this problem with it until maybe a year ago with a kernel update and started getting hangs. Booted from old kernel, no issue. Now, it doesnt matter which kernel i boot.
    I tried several newer distro's including solusOS 1.1 (got screwed up after an updated NvIdia driver or something), Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (kernel lockup near the end of the install) AVlinux (dont know if it would have locked up, never installed graphics correctly) and regular Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, which would lock up running the live CD.

    I was running solusOS for some time and dont remember any lockups at all with that. it just got messed up after a series of updates, and instead of trying to fix it i just started trying new distros. SolusOS 1.2 on the other hand had locked up on me tho shortly after install.
    I was impressed by the firewire latency with my presonus audio interface with solusOS so I thought I'd try some multimedia distros.

    one thing to mention, I almost always have my android phone plugged in and tether internet to this computer. I dont think its that tho, its been great on several computers of mine and no issues but here on this one.

    When it happens I have no keyboard or mouse control, caps lock non functional, all video freezes but no distortion, audio that is playing plays a 1 or 2 second never ending seamless loop.

    Intel DP43BF board, no on board vid
    Q8300 core2 quad
    4 GB Gskill ram, underclocked (bought it for faster MB that failed in 3 months)- memtested overnight, twice, no errors
    PNY Nvidia quaddroFX550
    2 SATA hard drives, Intel SSD, 2 DVD roms
    stable, oversized 80Plus power supply
    atheros wifi PCI, not being used but installed

    This board requires a "pci=assign-busses" boot parameter. I thought once that a "nomodeset" parameter was needed for this board but i could be mistaken. Lockups happen either way.

    I really want to smash this thing. Should I just smash it to little pieces? Hell I can't even enjoy videos without tearing or compiz effects without crashing any 3D program. XFCE= no tearing, but to me its ugly.
    Enlighten me: why did Intel support warn me that this MB does not support linux??

    any advice short of a geek hooking up to it via serial console and waiting for it to happen again?
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