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Thread: PPC, b43 wireless driver on Powerbook G4

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    PPC, b43 wireless driver on Powerbook G4

    Hi all,

    I'm running a Powerbook G4 (powerpc, 512 MB ram), and I've already successfully installed Ubuntu 10.04. I'm trying to upgrade to Lubuntu, and here are the successful steps thus far:

    1. boot into open firmware
    2. type in "boot cd:,\\:tbxi" - (Lubuntu 12.04 iso live cd loaded on the CD)
    3. yaboot opens up
    4. type "live b43.blacklist=yes"
    5. live cd opens, click on Install Lubuntu 12.04
    6. "Completely erase Ubuntu 10.04, install Lubuntu 12.04"
    7. entire installation process runs smoothly, with ethernet cable attache

    That's where success ends. When installation finishes, it asks to reboot to finish install, but the computer freezes before it fully shuts down. After further research it seems like a problem with the b43 wireless driver again. Grrrr.

    After trying ~$ sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer again no luck.
    startup error says firmware file "b43-openucode5.fw" not found. When I try to log in to Live, download it, and reboot, it crashes on reboot again. Back to the beginning.

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