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Thread: Copying Banshee Album Art Into Folders

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    Copying Banshee Album Art Into Folders

    As I understand it Banshee stores all album art in its own database. Is there an easy way of having it make a copy of each album cover and putting it in that album's directory in case I ever want to switch media players?

    Thanks very much

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    Re: Copying Banshee Album Art Into Folders

    I found the answer I was hoping to find here.

    I'd thought I'd leave it for the next person who comes here.

    Open your home folder, then press CTRL + H (to show the hidden files); alternatively the option is under the "View" menu.

    Open the .cache folder, then media art folder, et voilá ... you'll also find the thumbnails at the same location in seperate folders (36, 42, 90).

    I hope this helps.

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