Sorry, my english not very good.

Many programs at work collect information about the system and the periphery, and often create a unique id of computer.

Programs can send data about your computer on their servers. Servers of companies and corporations, banks, government agencies or hackers.
Unique id of computer often stored in files, which are created in proprietary programs (files of various office suites, a program for creating virtual books, and other).
Information about your computer to collect various clients:
clients of payment systems, voip-telephony clients, clients of instant messaging and etc.

Google have many a spyware programs. They collect a huge databases of statistics about the users.
Google Earth, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Chrome... and a lot of different web-services (search engine Google, Gmail, Google translate...).

Google is required by law to provide any data about users to government agencies (FBI,...), to CIA, and even ordinary police.

I want to protect myself from all this.

I need a special program (environment) in which I will run other programs.
I do not need a virtual machine, because it requires a lot of resources (power processor and more memory).
The program should not take away computer's resources. And should work on any tablet and weak netbook.
I just need to layer like Wine.
I need a program similar to Wine, but for Linux software.

Programs running in this environment will have no real access to resources, they will only see that I show them.

If proprietary software with spyware runs and gets my real Mac-address, the names, options, configs of the computer hardware, receives information about the OS, then all the real information needs to be hidden.

The programs running in this environment also should not have direct access to the storage media (hard drives, flash, ...).

Programs running in this special environment will only see that I show them!

Environment have a GUI, many settings and the different profiles, I can add, delete, and modify profiles.

If I choose the profile "Commodore 64", then the program running in the environment see "Commodore 64" and nothing more.
If I choose the profile "K computer", then the program see "K computer".
If I choose "BeOS" or "Amiga" or "Zeta" or "Xbox" or "PlayStation" or "Nintendo" or "Windows 8" or "Windows 3.1" or "Mac" or "Linux v2.4" or "KDE 3.5" or "Gnome 2",... then the program can see only it and nothing more.

But these are specific examples, more often, need just change the configuration of computer, mac-adress, memory size, processor speed, video card, resolution and color depth, the name and version of the system, the name of the computer components ...

Сan select and customize absolutely any hardware configuration and operating system (can choose the operating system and configure them).

But do not forget, it's only cover, visibility, we just show to the programs ephemeral image, but the reality is different.

Once again, this special environment must work very quickly and should not take away computer's resources (it should fly on the tablets). This is one of the top priorities.