Cinnamon looks really nice, but the window list applet seems to lack functionality one has come to expect from window lists, namely that I can't minimize/unminimize/give focus to/resize/move/close a window by clicking, double clicking, or right clicking on its entry in the window list. I don't see any configuration options for the window list applet. Until I discovered scale/expo, the window list seemed like a roach motel: windows go in (via minimize), but never come out.

I can, with some time, get used to that, as much as one has come to expect the capability from the past--though I'd rather not have to. Other folks who I've set up with Linux may not be as flexible, so that much as I'd like to point them to Cinnamon as an alternative to GNOME fallback mode (who knows how long that will continue to exist?), I am not sure I can.

Am I overlooking some setting?