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Thread: replacement batteries

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    replacement batteries

    Can System76 sell me a replacement battery (perhaps with more cells) for my gazp6? After 1.25 years, the battery life has now declined to approximately 1 hour on a full charge. I no longer see a link on the system76 homepage to buy replacement batteries, although I vaguely remember seeing this in the past.

    Alternately, is there any reason why a replacement battery for a Clevo P150HMX (which seem to be available from any number of vendors) would not work? Does anyone know a reputable vendor for such? Is there any way to upgrade the capacity beyond 8 cells / 5200 mAh on this model? Am I stuck paying around $100 for this, or should I keep looking for cheaper alternatives?


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    Re: replacement batteries

    While on their website go to "My Account" and Login (assuming you have an account).
    That will take you to the "Orders & Quotes" page. Once there you can view your previous purchase(s) and click "order accessories". A menu of available items compatible with your laptop should appear.

    If you don't have an account you can create one then click "sales question". System76 usually responds within the next business day.

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