I just started using Ubuntu 12.04. I ca wifin't get it to connect to an ad hoc network that my other systems can connect to. The Ubuntu system's adapter is perfectly capable.

My question is: what criteria does the network need comply with in order for Ubuntu to connect to it?

Further info:
Ubuntu does recognize the network, but spends an eternity trying to connect before ultimately giving up.

They are definitely in range.

Ubuntu does have it set as ad hoc, not infrastructure.

I've tried all combinations of security settings (including no encryption or password with the firewall disabled)

All these preliminary tests were done completely disconnected to the internet. To be clear: this is supposed to be very simple.

All wireless; no Ethernet.

The host system is running windows 7 (I'm hoping this is irrelevant because I know this has been done before and I've made the settings as simple as I can; plus other systems connect to it easily) .

Ubuntu 12.04 is on an Inspiron 600m (I hope this is irrelevant because Ubuntu runs flawlessly on it and its hardware is certainly capable and functioning)

Any help is appreciated. I'm decently tech savvy but I'm less familiar with Ubuntu. Thanks.