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Thread: Sleep (suspend?) freezes mac

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    Re: Sleep (suspend?) freezes mac

    I cannot remember exactly what I did, but suspend didn`t work on first boot ups after install. I didn`t pay much attention to it at the time, mostly focusing on making battery monitor working in lxde (which it sort of arguably does now), but at least after some simple config setup under "power manager preferences" it has worked fine since. 12.04 has been stable as long as I have had it. No update or change to the system has caused any horror with drivers or graphics luckily. I have some smaller issues I haven`t yet manage to iron out, but I am working on them. I think we have to stick with lubutu or whater distro we choose to figure out the fixes and work arounds, not to mention feedback and bugreports to developers.

    In relation to RAM and swap; I wasn`t sure it would make any difference adding more RAM since I never could make the system use all 512 what ever applications I ran simultaneously. Swap kicked in but I don`t think I ever noticed more than 30-100 MB used. My theory now is system some free ram space to have optimal usage of it. When system doesn`t have to incorporate swap when running it runs a tad bit smoother and lighter. Swap should probably ideally only be for suspend and hibernation mode.

    Edit: When waking up from suspend I sometimes have to click twice on enter (any key really) to get a login window asking for password before session runs again. Sometimes I get desktop directly, not sure why there is an inconsistency but I never have to reboot or anything like that.
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