I'm not new to Ubuntu, but my last HP laptop just kind of worked out of the box when I put Ubuntu on it.

I recently bought the Zenbook, and while I love the size, look, feel, everything, I've just spent about 12 hours actually getting ubuntu loaded.

If anyone wants a breakdown of how to get ubuntu on the machine as a sole boot, using the SSD as the "/" folder, and the HDD as the "/home" I can write that up tomorrow.

For now, I was wondering if someone can help me with trouble shooting my graphics problem.
To get past a black screen on boot, I was forced to add "nomodeset" into one of grubs line as suggested elsewhere in this forum. Unfortunately I think what that has done is force me to use some fairly basic drivers, and I can therefore not get Ubuntu to run in 3d mode, it's forced into 2D.

I'm not sure what information everyone needs, so please just ask and I'll post it up as soon as I can.