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Thread: Sound Isn't Working

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    Sound Isn't Working

    I'm on an Asus netbook(about a month old), with an Intel processor, running Ubuntu 12.04. Keyboard commands for increasing, decreasing, and silencing sound were working perfectly until very recently. Then the commands started to delay, with a difference in minutes between the time the command keys were pressed and when the volume was actually changed. The time between was now decreased, but its still a very noticeable delay.
    One time when the sound quit all together, I restarted the computer. It gave me a prompt about the GNOME system failing to close. Also, manipulating the volume by dragging it in the taskbar works fine.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is it just something I'll have to deal with?

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    Re: Sound Isn't Working

    hi...most probably an update is needed, specially for the player you are using.

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