Again, thanks for the help. The Nook works great for Netfix, and the display is good, but I know I would like the Android 4.1 much better that the cut down version of Android that B&N uses on the Nook. I know that the Nexus 7 may have a downside but I am still leaning that way. At first I wasn't, remember I was the one who started this thread, "No Nexus 7 for me". I might be changing the title to "Yes, Nexus 7 for me".

While I am add it, can I ask about Google's storage. Are you using it to store file? Like Books, Videos, Music etc. Right now I use UbuntuOne on my Nook to store extra stuff I want to download to the Nook. I also have an extra 32gig SD card, which I know I can't use in the Nexus 7. How dose that work for you, not having the SD slot?