Hey guys, I'm hoping to see if I can figure this one out rather than just reinstalling Ubuntu, especially since I just got thing where I kind of wanted them.

My linux/ubuntu experience level: 1-2 years of occasional exposure. I know how to get around, but might be missing simple info I haven't run across yet.
System: Intel-based Core2 Duo w/ nVidia GTX 460, 8GB ram.
OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64 on multi-os hard drive.

So, tonight, without thinking about what version of Ubuntu I had just upgraded to a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to check out Eset Nod32 for linux after hearing it was pretty good. I didn't realize it was only rated up to 11.04 and downloaded the trial to give it a whirl. So, I went through the install steps listed in the quick-start guide and rebooted like I was told. Now the system gets stuck on boot shortly after the eset daemon initializes. I now get a couple of strange lines talking about saned disabled, speech-dispatcher disabled, and then about 5 occasions of Starting network connection manager [ok]. Nothing else. It does not appear to start X nor does it go to a login screen. It just sits with the last line at Starting network connection manager [ok] and that's it.

However, I AM able to log into the recovery mode and check out the logs (I might have to fight to get them posted here since I'm still learning the command line), edit the filesystem, but I am still pretty new at poking around in there and would like to see if anyone can help guide me through getting this failed install out of here without re-installing the OS.

I have searched around online, but did not find anything useful on other forums about manually removing nod32 from linux, just windows. I will reinstall as a last resort, but that is not my goal here, so please do not just jump to that conclusion.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you guys can give.