I've been using System76 machines for work and for home for several years, and I've recommended them to many friends. I've even fought against the corporate bureaucracy to allow my group to purchase workstations from System76 instead of the standard corporate approved vendor. I've found their pre-sales support to be excellent, but I've never really needed their regular technical support.

Unfortunately, my father, at my recommendation, bought a System76 desktop, and had what should have been a minor repair issue with the front panel switch turned into a highly frustrating experience. After six weeks and no resolution, he has given up and is now looking at replacing his system. It has taken days to get a response to messages. He's shipped the machine back (only to get it back in much worse condition than he shipped it in), and only to be told there is no problem. (I've tried to help him with the machine, and it does have a hardware problem)

Has anyone else had experiences like this lately? I've been sticking my neck out at work for System76, and I cannot afford to get stranded.