I mount a samba share at boot with this in fstab:

//fritz.box/WD-10EADSExternal-01 /mnt/samba  cifs  guest,_netdev  0 0
It works, I can read from the disk, I can write to the disk, but every write ends with "can't change permissions on foo.bar". Turns out all the files are owned by root, and of course I am working as user.
I know I could add my UID and GID to fstab, but there are more users on this machine.
I don't know if it is possible to add multiple UID's to fstab?
I tried adding "user" to fstab, but that did not work, IIRC, that only means every user can mount and unmount the share.
Is there an other solution?
I could make a script in rc.local for every user that mounts the drive with their UID and GID, but I think there should be an easier option.