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Thread: Unplugged Freezing

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    Post Unplugged Freezing

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running ubuntu 12.04 lts on a dell vostro 3700 machine. My problem is that the moment the machine is unplugged, the system just freezes. How can I fix this??

    Please help

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    Re: Unplugged Freezing

    try this, it work for on Vostro and Inspiron
    Open up Synaptic Package Manager

    1. Settings > Repositories > Other Software, then add the following:
    2. deb lucid main
    3. “Reload” the package list
    4. Find “pm-utils” then go to Package > Force Version.. and select 1.3.x
    5. Install the downgraded package
    6. Find “pm-utils” again, go to Package > Lock Version

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    Re: Unplugged Freezing

    Thanks a lot grc01.

    Now the system can work unplugged.
    Much appreciated.


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