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Thread: Problems with CPU cores? or other problem?

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    Problems with CPU cores? or other problem?


    I need your help for this problem:

    Recently I have been having problems with my computer, it freezes in ubuntu 12.04 and BSOD on windows 7.

    I updated my ubuntu 12.04 (weekly updates, not from previous version, not upgraded from pervious version), and next day it suddenly starts to behave strangely.

    First I thought it was one of the reported bugs about the computer freezing or hardware not responding, but a problem also appeared on Windows side not being able to boot and, when finally booted, got a BSOD after a short time.

    But after some tweaking and time I found that if I disable one of the cores from the CPU in the bios the problem is solved.

    Tried a memtest with no errors, and HD seems to be fine, says Disk Utility.

    I want to make sure the problem is the CPU to apply for the warranty.

    When all 8 cores are enabled, Windows throws a 0x124 BSOD error, and ubuntu gives the result in the attached image "linux 4" and stops booting. Before, ubuntu threw me an error shown in image "linux 1", but changed to "linux 4" after the first time i disabled the cores one by one.

    I don't have the PC specs right now (I'll edit later), but what can remember is:

    Custom PC
    Dual boot: Windows 7 Ultimate, Ubuntu 12.04, both 64bits.
    AMD Bulldozer 8 cores, no overclocking
    16 GB RAM
    ASUS Mobo
    NVidia GTX? 5?? GPU

    Thanks a lot!
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