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Thread: vmbuilder --part command in config file

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    vmbuilder --part command in config file

    I am currently running oneiric and kvm to make vms with the vmbuilder command.

    I have an issue that I can't designate the vmbuilder.partition in my config file. I want to run a command similar to
    vmbuilder kvm ubuntu -c testvm.cfg
    and have a vmbuilder.partition file referenced from within the testvm.cfg file.

    I input the part option as part of the testvm.cfg file, with a url path to the vmbuilder.partition file, but whenever the vm is built, the partition file was not referenced at all, and the partitions switch to default values.

    I have tried placing it in various portions within the config file and nothing works except using the --part option from the command line.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.

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    Re: vmbuilder --part command in config file

    Don't know if this is still an issue for you, but post the content of your vmbuilder config and partition files and I'll see if I can help.


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