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Been busy lately, so haven't had much time drawing a lot. I did however added a screen showing the display state and what is should be exposing.

I also made a Google+ page for this project. You can subscribe (follow) this page and be able to comment on specific updates and keep this forum open for general discussion.

I will be posting updates on there as well.
Seems a never ending story. Even though I really like spending time on this project all other daily activities have kept me pretty much occupied.

I've decided to keep this thread from presenting new additions or changes and keep it for what it does best. Opening up discussions and talk about possibilities.

So as this last post about updates to this project, I changed and expanded my goals a bit and started to think about building a new ecosystem. Pretty ambitious but hey, all big things have small beginnings.

Still, for now I updated the site and will be posting updates on the affiliated Google+ page and stop harassing this thread for that purpose. So if you want to be kept informed please follow the project on Google+.
I will attempt to create an RSS feed for those who don't want to be part of Google's social network (Will be posting about that on here when it's available).

This thread will remain open for everything else of course, so please don't stop answering my previous inquiries or criticize the ongoing process.