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Thread: Youtube colours all wrong.

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    Question Youtube colours all wrong.

    I have a Dell Xubunt 12.04 XPS 8300, Nvidia GForce 8500GT, Dell U2312HM resolution (1920x1080). NVidia 295.49 drivers, Flash
    Pictures or videos from any source other than Youtube are correct. from Youtube colours are falsch, sky is orange brown, red taillights are incandescent blue.

    This does not happen if I dual boot into windoze 7 or on my wifes' IBM T61 laptop running Ubuntu 12.04.

    I tried to remove the NVidia drivers; could not get Ubuntu to recognize my monitor, highest resolution was way below 1920x1080

    Anyone else having this issue????

    Edit Installed X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver Have a usable display again. Youtube colours are real again. So is this a Bug or an undocumented feature with the NVidia drivers
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