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Using the patch on a 64 bits Sony Vaio 1311, it works!

2 problems:

- when you rest your thumb on a button (not clicking), the mousepad is not usable. In Windows this does work.
- When you click left and have your finger on the right side of the pad, it clicks right. Perhaps make a patch which only detects the button position if area is within the AreaBottomEdge ?
I second those problems.
It seems to me that the driver is programmed to rightclick whenever it detects a click and a finger on the whole of the right side of the touchpad.
I'm currently using a lenovo z380 with a synaptics touchpad that has no physical buttons except for the whole of the touchpad itself(similer to the macbook but poorer quality)
Basically what i feel that this driver needs is to seperate not only on the X Axis but also on the Y. Meaning that any click above a certain line(the virtual button line) will count as a left click.
Also while writing this comment now I noticed that there's a very fine line of a middle button click that is for some reason assigned to pasting.
I would try to work on the source myself but I've only just started the dabble in linux and have absolutely no idea how as of this moment =]
I'd love to help in any other way I can though.