Hi there!

I'm just trying out Kubuntu on a portable install. It took me a bit of time to get Conky having a transparent background in Kubuntu.

Going by information I found here and there, I got Conky's background transparent working by installing the graphics app "feh" and then used that in my .conkyrc file this way:
${texeci 600 feh --bg-scale '/usr/share/wallpapers/kde-default.png'}
So far, so good. But ... once I had that working nicely, I saw the use of RAM (via my Conky display) went up from about 30% to 45%. And kept climbing higher; it never seems to decline even when I've closed apps that brought the RAM up in the first place.

Would anyone know if I did something wrong in my .conkyrc file to cause this extra RAM and CPU use to be happening? Or might there be some other setting I've overlooked that could be keeping the use of RAM and CPU staying high?

Thanks in advance!