Hey guys I just got a new Dell XPS 14 ultrabook and installed ubuntu 12.04 x64 on it.

I've already installed bumblebee and the bumblebee-NVIDIA package via the repo but I'm hoping there is a better way to make use of the GPU than having to specify each time I want to use it.

Ideally I'd like the Dessktop environment to utilize the graphics card so the visual effects are more fluent. As of now the general OS and DE are just using the integrated graphics and to be honest it kind of sucks.

I tried also installing the NVIDIA-current package to hopefully get it working that way and haven't had much luck. After a reboot I tried running the NVIDIA settings GUI and got a message that there was no xorg.config in use and I needed to create one so I did. After a reboot, the highest resolution I could get was crap. So obviously that didn't work

Any help with how to get this card working properly would be appreciated!