Hi there!

So, what about this:

I'm really enthusiastic about the open source and actually I can't wait to contribute myself. Now for quite some time I'm having the idea to develop a program to improve sight reading for musicians in different clefs. The basic idea will be very simple, you get to see a note and say the name out loud, a second or so you get to see the answer.(such a program does not yet exists or is damn hard to find)

(I'm currently a bachelor music student and a music teacher, imagine how this could help a lot of music students)

So! I'm also absolutely new!! Let's say I know more than the average computer user, but really, not that much. (I don't even know any programming language for instance, though I just starting to get acquainted with Python ) And, I want to start developing this program.

Since this is probably going to be a long long way I'm just really like to do a bit of roadmapping. What will be my starting point for instance? And what after that? I'm really willing to take a lot of time for this, it will probably be quite necessary.

I'm curious! Who can help me in giving me directions of where to start?

(I'm not sure if I'm in the right part of the forum? So I really apologize if its not!! )