I installed ClamTK from the Software Center.

Any attempt to run a scan causes a total system lock up (reset button needed) after 20 ~ 35 seconds of operation.

I can run Clam to scan from the terminal - see below
Known viruses: 1300582
Engine version: 0.97.5
Scanned directories: 33095
Scanned files: 160652
Infected files: 0
Total errors: 20030
Data scanned: 4621.96 MB
Data read: 6120.81 MB (ratio 0.76:1)
Time: 262.829 sec (4 m 22 s)

However, note the 20030 errors!!!

When ClamTK is started, I note that it indicates that the GUI version is not current (now 4.38). Since I'd rather wait for an update from the system, and thinking that as long as Clam began to run the GUI would not matter so much, I decided to wait for a regular update.

Can someone guide me to my next step(s)?