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Thread: Indicator applet in MATE

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    Question Indicator applet in MATE

    I hate gnome3, so I installed MATE (gnome2 fork) in my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop. It's pretty good, but I have a problem: it doesn’t have (or I haven't found) a working indicator applet on the top panel. I installed mate-indicator-applet package, but it displays only a message icon, but I need volume-control with rythmbox panel, ubuntu1 and a system menu (logoff, shutdown, hibernate, etc.)

    So is it possible to set the indicator applet like the normal gnome?

    This is what I have:

    And this what I want to have:

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    Re: Indicator applet in MATE

    In Gnome 2 versions of Ubuntu, some indicators were located in the add to panel menu. this was found by right clicking the top or bottom panel.

    Mate is based on pure Gnome 2.xx so it is somewhat different than Ubuntu modified versions of Gnome 2. The command to start or restart the default panel indicators which I have won't work in Mate.
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