I use HandBrake to convert my DVDs to MKV. Have no problem with the video settings, but audio codecs offered by HandBrake settings are confusing to me.

There are two entries for AAC to choose from, faac or ffmpeg. I wonder which one is better. Also, which faac version is this? And does it use CBR or VBR? On the HandBrake wiki there is unfortunately zero information about this.

Also, I wonder if there is any possiblity to encode to HE-AAC (AAC+) in HandBrake under Ubuntu. I know for Mac OS X that HE-AAC is available. Probably not in Ubuntu. And if so, then how can I convert the audio track to HE-AAC in Ubuntu? I know there is a CLI binary for NeroAAC for Linux. But is there a GUI?

And if I use faac in HandBrake, is 64kbps enough for a movie? Because I cannot hear any difference to the default setting of 160kbps. So far, I thought one could have the same quality with a 64kbps aac file as with a 128kpbs mp3 file -- at least for he-aac. But what version/implementation of aac is actually used in HandBrake, and what quality delivers it?

Could really need some help here. I'd like to use HE-AAC for my MKV audio tracks. Or at least AAC with reasonable quality at lowest possible file size.

Can HandBrake be 'pimped' with more codecs? If not, is there any GUI solution for Nero's CLI? Or any solution with WINE?