I just bought a new disk and installed it (internally) in my desktop computer, presently running ubuntu 10.04. I partitioned it, made a filesystem, and mounted it on a temporary mount point (/media/newdrive). Then did an df to double check, everything looked good. Next step was to edit fstab.

The new disk is /dev/sda1. The root partition is presently on /dev/sdb1 - based on the output of df. But in fstab, which hasn't been modified for over a year, the root filesystem is on /dev/sda1. I rebooted, and nothing changed. So is fstab irrelevant?

The plan is to install the latest ubuntu on the new disk, and then copy over personal stuff from the old disk. I could probably go ahead and just do this, but I'm wondering about fstab. I know I should be using UUIDs, if I do that and throw out the old fstab, will everything magically work?

Thanks for any insight.