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Thread: Output to both speakers and earphone jack..?

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    Output to both speakers and earphone jack..?

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering is it possible to output to both internal speakers and the headphone jack?

    as I have outdoor speakers which plug into the earphone jack,but i'd also like the internal speakers to play aswell.. so the music is in the room and the garden!

    I tried googling this, but it kept showing results about 1 not workings, but the other was.. and no answers to my question.. perhaps my google skills have dropped..

    Bonus question: can you stream audio over the network? as in get another two computers to play the same thing via the network?
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    Re: Output to both speakers and earphone jack..?

    Some laptops will disable the audio device that is not in use. You can stream audio over the network but if you try and access the same file at the same time from 2 different computers you may run into issues with the file being locked. Because it is being used by another application.

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    Red face Re: Output to both speakers and earphone jack..?

    Wow.. In my case all audio devices are playing simultaneous output..
    Stereo Output in all audio jacks [except microphone]

    I havent tweaked my system.. I had such config from 8.04.. thought that this is how ubuntu works.. Good to know that Windows style headphone switching is present in Ubuntu..
    Actually i liked this way, as i could plug in all my head phones and speakers to pc same time and can switch between any without needing to unplug and plug in back..

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