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    I should not have followed these instructions!! I misunderstood completely -- thinking that when I read

    This following code block(s) downloads, compiles and install(s) Bluefish 2.2.3. Checkinstall builds a neat package that integrates into the Ubuntu package management system:
    that all I would need to do afterwards was type "bluefish" and I would be off to the races without the configuration file error I kept getting from the version I had installed from the Ubuntu repository.

    (Though I could not read all of the pages and pages of text generated in terminal, I did not see any major error notifications; the install claimed to have been successful, despite passing a few deprecated packages along the way.)

    I suspect I am going to have to reinstall Ubuntu to get rid of all these packages I downloaded and remove whatever it is that is tricking Ubuntu Software Center into thinking I have a version of "bluefish" installed? But as a thorough newbie, I thought I would at least ask if I am missing something blatantly obvious before trying sudo apt-get remove bluefish or a reinstall. I was so looking forward to working tonight; this will teach me to try to go outside the repositories to get around a missing config file that didn't prevent my little blue fish from working swimmingly.

    I have looked at the INSTALL and the README pages (I did try typing "bluefish-unstable" to no avail), but must admit, I'm a clueless newbie, having never compiled a program before...

    Is there an undo button somewhere?
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