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Thread: Does Mythbuntu work with Amino STB?

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    Question Does Mythbuntu work with Amino STB?

    I have been trying to figure out if I can get Mythbuntu/MythTV to work with an Amino STB (IPTV). I haven't found any relevant and recent guidelines when googling (anything I found was from 2009 to 2007, too far back to be relevant to the current distress).

    I have an HD-PVR which I wanted to set up to connect to the Amino box, but I can't get the correct IR Blaster settings. I have been able to get the IR Blaster to work, but none of the codes work with the Amino box. I did find some raw codes to use, but they don't seem to work with the HD-PVR.

    Any ideas or pointers would be very helpful.


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    Re: Does Mythbuntu work with Amino STB?

    Use irrecord and the STB' remote to generate your own code set for the STB.

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    Re: Does Mythbuntu work with Amino STB?

    Did you get it to work? I am trying to setup the same thing. I was able to capture the codes using irrecord, but irsend does not work. I would think it should be possible because I was able to get it working in Windows 7 using IR Server Suite.

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