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Thread: Java/IcedTea-Malware or Rogue Applications? What are the facts?

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    Exclamation Java/IcedTea-Malware or Rogue Applications? What are the facts?

    Java7 is compromised - Oracle patched - Now I hear the patch has vulnerabilities - Cut to the chase:

    I have an updated Firefox with Noscript, stock IcedTea, no Oracle Java, Updated LibreOffice; basically a stock 12.04. Also still use 10.04.

    I don't install anything I don't know what it is...

    What do I need to know, do, or not do to stay secure?
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    Re: Java/IcedTea-Malware or Rogue Applications? What are the facts?

    Red Hat's testing indicates that the vulnerability exists in Oracle Java 7, OpenJDK 7 and IBM Java 7. If the Oracle patch has vulnerabilities, it can safely be assumed they all still do.

    Don't use Oracle Java 6, OpenJDK 6 or IBM Java 6 because although this particular spate of issues does not affect them, other serious vulnerabilities have been exploited in them.

    If you are concerned, disable the browser plugin (Oracle or IcedTea) and only enable it when you are on a trusted site. Set up an apparmor profile for Java.
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