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    UPDATED: 2013-08-15. Do not use, this is outdated!

    Minecraftier is a lightweight app for managing Minecraft.
    It can do this for you:

    • Install Minecraft and add a systemwide launcher to start it
    • Update LWJGL (can fix blackscreen, mouse-issues or various glitches)
    • Reserve RAM for Minecraft
    • Create new Minecraft-launchers wherever you want em
    • Reset Minecraft (You'll get a vanilla install, except that savefiles is intact)
    • Launch Minecraft
    • Debug Minecraft (Saves runtime-log to user-selected location)
    • Uninstall Minecraft
    • Install Java (OpenJDK 7)
    • Backup all your savefiles and settings
    • Restore a previously created backup
    • Help you translate glyphs from ingame (Standard Galactic Alphabet)
    • Install Forge & Forge Modloader for Minecraft 1.5.2
    • Install Optifine HD for Minecraft 1.5.2, adds loads of graphic-options to Minecraft (highly recommended!)
    • Assist with installing Mods
    • And a few more

    Download latest version from Github

    Download Minecraftier to your computer
    Open up the archive and enter the "minecraftier-master" folder
    Drag minecraftier to your desktop (or any other folder)
    Doubleclick minecraftier and choose run

    Alternatively you may download to your desktop using this command:
    cd `xdg-user-dir DESKTOP` && wget && unzip -j minecraftier-master/minecraftier -d . && rm
    In case your unable to run it, and it only opens up in a texteditor, make it executable first.

    If it still won't run, paste this in a terminal to make Nautilus to ask you if you want to run executable files:
    gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences executable-text-activation ask
    Then try doubleclicking minecraftier again.

    Video Instructions:


    You'll see a GPLv3 license-agreement upon start, I wanted to be both clear and a cool kid so I added it. Upon accepting your total freedom of using Minecraftier it stores a settingsfile in /tmp so that you don't need to accept every time you run it. (only after each reboot, but that will be fixed soon)

    More ideas when I get the time is to improve the ugly glyph-translator. It's something I threw together in JS rather quick. Also splitting up menus into several sub-windows might be something. Feel free to come up with ideas.

    And enjoy Minecraftier!
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