Hello. HELP me please. I decided to put Ubuntu on my favorite sixth FIFA. It seems to be set by winetricks everything I need, but ... There were some problems. First, even during the game visible panel Dash. Second game is very fast (I just clicked on the button, and the player is in front of goal). Even to get to the button, just have to click away from it.
For your information: I have a 64-bit 12.04, put through the normal wine.
My videocard is NVIDIA, I've just installed the current closed driver.
P.S Driver set, everything is going well, better than on Windows, only after running dash somewhere lost. Tell me what should be changed?
P.S. In general, after the game is lost dash (not hidden, and it disappears.) Moreover, after the reboot had all the old problems. And with the successful launch of the single system swore that suddenly shut down compiz. It is waiting for your help.
My answer to the question, why not on Windows. Not least because Win 7 it goes, and Wine starts the application on behalf of XP.
Sorry for my pure English.