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Thread: Terminal editors of yesteryear

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    Terminal editors of yesteryear

    Playing with shell scripts, I found out about nano almost accidentally. What a cute little editor, that seems to respect your selected terminal font size.

    I'm over 50 now, and a sworn enemy of programs that throw up tiny fonts.

    A bit of a long shot, this one, but has anyone done a "brief" emulation for Linux? Brief was a character-based editor that had a cult following circa 1990, when I was churning out 80x86 assembler and C.

    There was a graphical emulation done under win32. I think it might have been called "zeus".

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    Re: Terminal editors of yesteryear

    Google found these:
    * - paid
    * - Paid

    Never used Brief on purpose back then, but I do like cross-platform Geany these days for programming.

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