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Thread: Wordpress permissions in var/www

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    Wordpress permissions in var/www

    Hi, this is my first post
    I recently moved my development environment from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11.10 so I'm a complete noob.
    Installed LAMP and bluefish. Everything is working nicely.
    Currently I'm working on a Worpress theme so I drag-and-drop a lot of image-files in nautilus to my theme-folder.
    When I try to access these files through the Wordpress website it fails because I didn't yet set the right permissions on the file.

    How I handle it now is open a terminal, type 'gksudo nautilus' go to the directory, set the properties of all underlying files to 'read and write' and then it works,
    but since I have to do it every time, whenever I want to replace/add an image it's kind of a hassle for my workflow...

    I just want to be able to drag-and-drop images from a random directory to a directory in var/www for Wordpress to access, without any trouble or workarounds each time...

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    Re: Wordpress permissions in var/www

    When your thread it solved: go to thread tools > Mark this thread as solved
    for SIS 771/671 use xcompmgr to have transparent terminals. just load it at startup.

    And then they asked: what's a pbkac error?

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