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Thread: Speech recogniction script with Google

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    Speech recogniction script with Google

    Hello everybody

    first of all, sorry for my english, I'm french so maybe I'm going to make some mistakes.

    I'm writing here this day in order to show you one of mine script: Google2ubuntu

    You can use this script in order to control ubuntu by the voice thanks to google api.

    you can make several actions such as:
    open/close folder
    change the desktop background
    send mails
    take notes
    and many more...

    Many example here:
    mes scripts en vidéo

    and a deb file here
    Lien de téléchargement de google2ubuntu

    But i don't want people to use this version, i just want to give an idea in order to make somebody of you able to convert this french deb files in an english ready deb
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    Re: Speech recogniction script with Google

    Hey benoitfra. Thanks for making this. I think the link is dead:


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