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Thread: Ubuntu keeps freezing up help.

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    Ubuntu keeps freezing up help.

    hi this is my second thread here, i looked around a bit but i still think this thread goes here, if not then perhaps a mod can move it to the correct location.

    i actually have a bunch of questions but i will take them one at a time and this one is really making things difficult so i need to get this fixed first.

    its been happening since yesterday when i first installed Ubuntu, when doing anything every thing will freeze, the screen will dim and give me an error that its not responding. i tend to multitask and i thought that was the purpose of having 4 screens anyways, but if i am downloading something on one screen and surfing the net in another, one or both screens will freeze. like earlier i was downloading Ardour in one screen, and in the other i was on the internet looking something up, the browser kept freezing and stayed that way for a long time, for minutes at a time, sometimes if i switch to the other screen with the download though that screen would be fine, but then it would freeze too for minutes and unfreeze and then freeze again. i didn't get any errors this time like i did yesterday, i think this mainly happens when i have Ubuntu software center open but i think it also happened when i just had firefox open so i don't know what's causing this.

    i know that Ardour is a big file judging by how long it took to install, but should it make everything freeze like this?

    also i got something that asked me if i wanted to enable realtime processing i think it said "debconf on Ubuntu, configuring Jackd" i read about it and i think by enabling it it could cause "possible hangups". the problem i am having has been happening before i enabled it which was earlier today but what is this and does it have anything to do with the problem i am having?

    i really like Ubuntu so far, i don't want to let this problem deter me cause i am sure it normally works fine for most, i just want to get this fixed. i have other questions but i don't want to post them all at once. also i did look up this problem but couldn't find anything that seems to be my situation.

    oh and for additional information:

    i have an HP laptop G series Notebook 64 bit.

    i know its a bit old, i also hear that Ubuntu doesn't really work all that good on laptops, is this true?

    after finishing this i noticed it hasn't frozen, maybe it was the download? even if thats the case though, shouldn't Ubuntu be more capable of multitasking?

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    Re: Ubuntu keeps freezing up help.

    please someone reply, i need help

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    Re: Ubuntu keeps freezing up help.

    Have you found an answer to why the Software Center goes so ridiculously slow? I've been browsing around for a while and can't seem to find a fix to it. The screen will grey out and say it is not responding, then come back. I like the idea of the Software Center, but the constant freezing only allows me to add 8 items to the download list without locking up entirely which seems to kind of defeat the purpose of adding anything to the download queue. Please let me know.

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    Re: Ubuntu keeps freezing up help.

    You should give us details about your Notebook internals, CPU, Graphics etc. Only then we can help you. Otherwise we are only guessing.

    Low CPU can cause it. Low RAM can cause it, (Have you got a SWAP partition?) Graphic cards can cause it, basically there can be lot of reasons. Start by telling us whats in your machine, what version of Ubuntu are you using? what other OS you have on your computer?

    The performance of any OS depends on the Hardware the machine has. Ubuntu needs less system resources than Windows, but it still needs a minimum of those resources.
    "Evolution is Nature's way of issuing upgrades."

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