hi i just installed Ubuntu and i am completely new to Linux, i need help.

i got online and i went to a site called "why Linux is better" on one of the links there all the pictures are gray and says i need a plug in. well i clicked the bar at the top that says "install missing plugins" and installed the two that showed up. i think they were Adobe Flash...something, im not sure about the rest, the other was Gnash SWF viewer i think. anyways the download took forever but when they finally downloaded i still couldn't see the images only now they were all black. also i updated everything using Ubuntu's update manager, that took about an hour or so which was a really long time. after installing all the updates i went and checked the page again and the pictures are still black. i can see all of the other pictures on the site though. i haven't really done any surfing yet so i don't know if the problem is with just that website or if its a problem with the plugins or Ubuntu i really dont know. please any ideas on how to fix this?

here is the page i was talking about: