I just purchased the above printer and installed it using cnijfilter-mg2100series-3.60-1-deb. It printed a test page in black and white successfully, but it won't print in colour.

I did not install via the cd's that came with the printer as the instructions only include windows and mac. I am not sure if it is a printer issue or a driver issue.

1. What should I do?
2. Can I switch over to XP and instal with the cd's as well as have the same printer installed on Ubuntu? I don't want to mess it up, but I thought that if I do that I can see if it functions correctly on XP then i will know for certain it is a problem on Ubuntu.
3. I have searched the Canon site for drivers but this make is not included in the drop down options list.
4. Do you know where with Ubuntu i can find colour drivers and how do I install them etc?

My pc is partitioned with XP and Ubuntu. PC: Inte (R) Core (TM) 2 CPU, 32 bit res, Nvidia GeForce 7300GT.