I have a Samsung series 9 laptop running ubuntu 12.04, that I use for making presentations. I use a dual screen setup: presenation in the projector and freedom to browse through slides and other stuff (like mindmaps) on the laptop. I do not use the presenter console, since I want to be more free to do other stuff on the laptop.

In 12.04, I have started to run into problems:
- In Unity, the unity bar pops up over the presentation on the projector screen. How can I get rid of it?
- In Gnome shell, the main screen with the Gnome bar is always on the presenter screen, not on my laptop (despite choosing the laptop as primary)
- In kubuntu (my favourite desktop env), the presentation is displayed in the laptop screen, no matter what I do. The projector screen is just empty, showing a background image, that is all.

Quite frustrated at the moment - I am teaching at a university and this projects a less than professional image, or I need to switch to the windows computers available.. Any and all advice warmly welcome!