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I think my main interest stems from this. Will the GNOMEbuntu spin allow me to run a system closer to upstream by removing the patches and hard dependencies that were introduced?

Of course I can add and remove packages only to the extent that no conflicts arise. And the available PPAs only go so far.

The worst pain for me is the custom keyboard shortcuts and media-keys in g-s-d, which are broken because they still sit in Gconf.
You're in luck! Please see guitara's latest call for testing as the gsettings keyboard shortcuts work is almost ready to land in Ubuntu.

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Also I don’t understand why I need two separate online account thingies. The whole idea and its necessity is over my head.
I think part of the issue is that the GNOME Online Accounts (GOA) developers were stingy about what services they'd allow to be added, which means that Evolution & Empathy still need separate accounts preferences windows which means GOA isn't very useful. On the other hand, I'm not happy with Ubuntu Online Accounts as it looks to be just an alternative GUI for Empathy accounts and so we still need GOA for Contacts, Documents, etc.

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One more thing, what about all those touch and gesture patches? Will you get rid of those too?
No, why would we do that?