thanks for taking the trouble to do this. I've been hunting for a driver for my Laserbase MF3220 to do this for a couple of years, but no luck. I contacted Canon, and they said a linux driver was low priority for them, and nor were they prepared to release the proprietary information necessary to write one. So, it is encouraging to see they are releasing for some models. I tried the MF3010, MF4010, and MF4200, in case any of those work with the 3200 series, but no joy.

I wondered if anybody else had had any luck?

I'm stuck with the MF3220 until the two spare laser toner cartridges run out, which at my present rate of consumption will be around 2015! And I really want to hang this off an atom-based file-&-print-server I'm putting together to run this and my Pixma 4000 (which works fine under linux).