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Thread: transferring libreoffice dictionaries (no science dics available)

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    transferring libreoffice dictionaries (no science dics available)

    \I wasn't able to locate specific files that would contain the dictionaries for LibreOffice. I only saw three files in /ect/libreoffice. Maybe one of those files undergoes changes in code when dictionaries are changed or added. If you have as little knowledge as me, we could upload these libreoffice files online to see if exchanging these files will exchange our dictionaries. If you want me to upload and have a preferred sharing site, let me know.

    Another solution would be the ability to add many words to a libreoffice dictionary at once. One could just copy and paste a universal list.

    I would appreciate it if someone who has added a lot of biology terms could give me their files.
    I have probably added nearly a hundred biology terms, and I would be willing to upload. However, a hundred isn't even a lot because LibreOffice doesn't recognize 99% of the bolded terms from my general biology textbook.
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