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Thread: pamusb having issues with gnome lock screen

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    pamusb having issues with gnome lock screen

    I have recently been trying to set up pamusb-agent to lock my computer when a usb is removed, and prompt for a password when it is reinserted. However it is currently locking fine, but not unlocking properly.
    Upon removal of the usb it will lock, however when reinserted it does noting, and will not allow me to use my password on the lock screen to unlock the computer. If I use switch user and log back in that way it works fine and I get the error message from the lock screen which is <code> Authentication failed for device ubuntu. Keeping user "jarrah" locked down.
    what can I do to make this work automatically?

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    Re: pamusb having issues with gnome lock screen

    Just reinsert USB Stick in a different port.
    It worked for me

    Late reply

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