I am looking to purchase a new laptop to replace my aging Dell Latitude e6500. I am looking primarily at a Dell Latitude e6430 with the following:

Intel core i7-3720qm
16gb ram
256gb ssd
intel centrino 6300 wlan
nvidia quadro 5200m (wish Dell wouldn't force this, I probably won't need it)
9 cell/97whr battery
1600x900p screen

My plan is to run Ubuntu 12.04 with either Cinnamon or Gnome-classic instead of Unity (unity is just too much flash; I don't hate it, I just prefer a dead-simple desktop UI).

The laptop this will be replacing is running 11.04 with the 2.6.38-8 (I think) kernel, and I am always shocked and how well everything just works. It boots fast, runs fast (and fairly cool), with virtually no stability issues no matter what (outside of a crappy broadcom wlan card), and gets great battery life even though the batteries I use are all 4+ years old and heavily abused (4-5 hours).

My primary concerns are getting that same stability, compatibility, and battery life. The e6430 will be replacing a laptop that, wlan card aside, runs like it was made for linux. Is there anything I can expect to have problems with? I have seen posts about terrible battery life and high heat levels due to the new kernel not interacting right with the hardware, as well as various and sundry components not being compatible with 12.04, but nothing concrete, and not for this model. I don't mind getting under the hood to work on stuff, but I hate crappy workarounds.

Is there anything wrong with this config? Anything I should watch out for?