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That's a good question.

Theoretically no, since it is GNU/Linux and should never have to fully reboot unless you've updated the kernel. There are a lot of ways to get around having to reboot in GNU/Linux, which is one reason network administrators like it (reboots cost time, and therefore money). If you know the tricks you only have to reboot very rarely.

However, in practice, Ubuntu gets rebooted almost as much as windows. Partly this is because some windows refugees are trying to use Ubuntu just like they used windows, and partly because all the intricate tricks to avoid having to fully reboot are well... intricate, mostly involving terminal commands and fixing text configuration files using as the super-user which is risky if you make a mistake.
I prefer to shut my network down every night, as I lost $300 worth of networking equipment due to a lightning strike, and I don't plan on losing it again. I was offline for about a week.