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Thread: Remmina Display Doesn't Properly Refresh

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    Remmina Display Doesn't Properly Refresh

    When making a VNC Remmina connection from my 12.04 desktop to my newly set up 12.04 notebook the remote display doesn't follow all the refresh changes. If I attempt to move windows about remotely ... part of screen repaints, but the entire window does not become invalidated and thus a complete repaint does not happen. Googling produced this find ... which is exactly my problem. Unfortunately the last reply indicates that this key is no longer applicable in gconfig-editor ... which is correct. Anyway I would appreciate a idea on how to get around this issue please as it makes Remmina remote control almost unusable. BTW when the notebook was running 10.04 this issue did not happen ... so I am assuming that perhaps it is still a Compiz problem.

    Thanks for your information and help!

    .... I'll give it a few more days for ideas, otherwise it is clearly a bug and I'll submit same ...
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