I have recently upgraded to 12.04. Previously, I was running Matlab R2011a in 10.10 without any problems, other than a printing bug that I managed to circumvent using the advice posted here. I have installed Matlab R2011a again. It runs, but there are two problems. The first is that menus don't open properly in the main terminal window (but they work fine in the editor window); if I click on a menu, it flashes up and disappears again. The second is once again the same printing problem. However, I can't use the old workaround because there doesn't seem to be any user control over the printer settings anymore.

Has anyone here had any success with Matlab in 12.04 regarding these two issues? Not necessarily with R2011a, since I can probably get access to a newer version if necessary.

And before anyone asks, yes, I have tried Octave before, but Matlab has some features that Octave doesn't have that I need, plus Matlab is provided by my workplace anyway.